The 7 Minute Life Masterclass 

Live Time Management Classes with Interactive Coaching

Go further and faster than ever before with transformational training and supportive coaching. Immerse yourself in life-changing time management methods during 7 weeks of live, interactive classes in a small group setting.

Wednesdays 10 AM-12 PM CT,
May 4 - June 15

TUESDAYS 9:15 AM - 11:15 AM CT, July 12 - August 23
TUESDAYS 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM CT, July 12 - August 23

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Live, Interactive Classes

Weekly, live classes give you access to time management expert Allyson Lewis and a small group of fellow professionals. The interaction and personal feedback of the live classes give you more than information; they provide inspiration and motivation to keep improving.

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In-Depth Training

In the first weeks, you learn powerful daily routines, effective to-do lists, and strategies to align your tasks with your priorities. This provides the foundation for more advanced time management training in the following weeks, so you can achieve your goals and manage stress. 


Weekly Challenges and Tools

Each of the 7 modules includes a set of templates, worksheets, and tools to hit the ground running after the live class. Get challenged to put your newly-learned knowledge into tangible action with a challenge that's unlocked every week. 

No more Autopilot. Take Charge of Your Time Again. 

Stuck in procrastination? Frustrated with the lack of systems in your personal and professional life?

Life is too short to live on autopilot. You need a razor-sharp focus to ensure every task you complete and every role you fill contributes to the long-term vision for your life. When stress and mental clutter are creating chaos, even the most motivated people lose traction.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels. Get the tools, strategies, and support you need to be propelled forward.

Live Classes starting on July 12 from 9:15 - 11:15 AM CT




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7 Weekly, Live Classes
Taught and led by nationally acclaimed time management expert Allyson Lewis 


Access to The 7 Minute Life University
Digital platform that provides user-friendly guidance

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Tools, templates, and worksheets
Digital and printed copies of all the tools discussed in class


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The 7 Minute Solution
Allyson Lewis' most popular time management book goes hand-in-hand with the training of the Masterclass course. A straightforward, inspirational process for getting from where you are to where you want to be, The 7 Minute Solution will help you in your relationships, personal life, career, and health. 

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The 7 Minute Life Masterclass Student Binder
Get all the materials, slides, and templates used in the Masterclass in one high-quality student binder. This binder will serve you for years to come, whether it's to refresh your memory or to keep you on track as you progress towards a life of meaning and purpose. 

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The Life Planner
More than 100,000 professionals around the world have used The 7 Minute Life Daily Progress Report to plan their days. The brand-new Life Planner combines the power of this daily planner with 90-day goal setting methods. Receive this Life Planner on your doorstep to increase daily productivity and decrease stress and clutter.

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"I thought this was a very worthwhile experience. It was not a typical business workshop. The overall theme was more about creating a purpose rather than just a few marketing ideas. Time well spent." Masterclass Summer 2020
"This Masterclass reinforced my beliefs and compassions and will help me to re-focus on my business and on my personal vision and purpose in life. This was unlike most training sessions, this session contained actionable ideas and tools that can be used by professionals at all levels. Dynamic and engaging presentation." Masterclass, Fall 2019
"The 7 Minute Life Masterclass helped verify my purpose. Simplifies the process. Identifies solutions, not products as basis for my business. Continue to offer this!" Masterclass Fall 2021
"Thanks, Allyson! You are a great motivator and a testament to success. I believe that with this material I can truly increase my production by 200+% as well as become a better person. Your ideas are very usable, and I now have a purpose in life." Masterclass Fall 2021
"The 7 Minute Life teaches you how to connect priorities and goals to high-value tasks, so your day is more productive, not just busy. After taking the course and using the tools, I start my day with a clear focus. My projects move forward, and my goals get accomplished. Life feels better, all with 7 minutes of planning." Maggi Young
"Accessible, easy to use, ready to go. The 7 Minute Life takes helpful information and organizes it in a way that is very useable right away. It is so easy to pick up, use the tools, and see them work effectively, in real time, each day. This takes away the confusing “how” of making changes and really empowers you to take back control of your time." Allison Atkinson

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Proven Strategies, Lasting Results 

The 7 Minute Life has dedicated nearly 3 decades to the development of proven strategies that help people organize, prioritize, and simplify their lives. We don’t just teach you effective methods in “time management you have time for”, we help you connect your priorities, values, and life purpose to your everyday life.

Reconnect with Time, Life, and Happiness

Get inspired again to tackle your life with focus and enthusiasm.

Feel more fulfilled at work and more connected at home as you deliberately set the direction for your life.

Get clarity about your purpose and progress towards it with 90-day goals that are aligned with your priorities.
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Tuesdays, July 12 - August 23 at 9:15 AM CT




Tuesdays, July 12 - August 23 at 5:30 PM CT




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The Time Management Skills You Need
For The Life And Career You Want


Reconnect with Priorities

What is most important to you? Align your life and schedule with your values.

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Clear Mental Clutter

Create greater focus by purging distracting thoughts and bringing closure to lingering issues.


Manage Stress

Prevent that "busy" spirals out of control. Set the tone for your mental state,  no matter the obstacle. 

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Set 90 Day Goals

Rise to personal and professional success by clearly defining your goals.


Create a Life Plan 

Transform your purpose into a strategy that keeps you on task for years to come.

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Advanced Planning Skills

Increase productivity by effectively planning your days and filtering tasks.

Meet Your Instructor: Allyson Lewis 

Allyson Lewis is personally facilitating the live sessions of The 7 Minute Life Masterclass. As the founder of the 7 Minute Life, she inspires people to reengage in life and work with clarity, innovation, and happiness. 

Allyson realized at age 43 that busyness was killing her. This sparked two decades of researching time management and well-being in the workplace. The methods she developed landed her in the top 11% of sales, but most importantly... connected her with her purpose and passion again. She has since trained and coached over 25,000 professionals all over the world.  

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Enterprises Working With The 7 Minute Life

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Standing Behind You To Propel You Forward

Tired of trying to muster up the discipline to get yourself through yet another self-guided course? Join The 7 Minute Life Masterclass to get the coaching and community you need to expedite your progress and stay on track. Implement life-changing systems together with purpose-oriented professionals holding you accountable to take charge of your time. 

A Coach To Get You Unstuck

Nationally acclaimed time management expert Allyson Lewis is available to you during the live classes to help you connect your long-term goals to your everyday life.

Weekly Challenges With Feedback

Learn how to implement the life-changing methods and habits of the 7 Minute Life through weekly challenges and interactive exercises (with feedback and prizes!).

Small Groups, Interactive Community 

Get placed in a group of 7-18 like-minded professionals. As you commit to this journey together, you can challenge and encourage each other and be pushed forward.


What if I miss a class session?
You receive a link to the recording of the live session the day after the class. Although missing one or two classes is not a problem, these live sessions are the main way to receive the coaching and community benefits of the 7 Minute Life Masterclass. We highly recommend enrolling in a Masterclass with live sessions that suit your schedule. 

How much time should I set aside for this program? 
Schedule two hours a week for the live class. During the 7 weeks of the Masterclass, we also encourage you to spend one additional hour per week to participate in the Weekly Challenges, establish the 7 Minute Life habits, and use the Life Planner, so you can hit the ground running. 

Are the online classes recorded for replay? 
Yes, the recording link will be sent to you one day after the live class in case you missed it or want to review the material again. These links remain active for 4 weeks after the last Masterclass session.

I'm already enrolled in The 7 Minute Life Learning Platform. Will I benefit from this Masterclass? 
Yes! The 7 Minute Life Masterclass will fast-track your learning journey and establish your uptake of daily habits. In the personal setting of The 7 Minute Life Masterclass, you'll also be doing exercises and gain the confidence you're implementing these techniques correctly. You'll increase your competency faster and get more out of your Learning Platform when you know how the 7 Minute Life principles apply to your unique situation.

If you're already enrolled in The 7 Minute Life University, you qualify for a 20% discount. Contact us at support@the7minutelife.com to get your unique coupon code. 

I want to enroll my entire team. Do you offer Enterprise Packages?
The 7 Minute Life specializes in working together with corporations and organizations to provide training and tools for teams. Contact us at hello@the7minutelife.com to find out how you can enroll your team in a Masterclass that fits your schedule and enhances your corporate culture.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! You can pay in three installments. You'll be charged $350 at the time of purchase, with 2 subsequent payments of $350 each at 30 days and 60 days. Save by paying in full and purchasing the Masterclass for $997  

ENROLL Now For $997

Tuesdays at 9:15 AM CT July 12 - August 19




Tuesdays at 5:30 PM CT July 12 - August 19




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