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Upcoming Webinars for 7 Minute Life Members:

  • Dec 1: Decluttering - Creating Space for New Goals (with decluttering expert Barbara Hemphill)
  • Dec 7: Create Your Life Plan 2022
  • Dec 14: Destigmatizing Mental Health: What it's like to go to a Therapist (with Dr. Arcella Trimble)
  • Dec 21: Focus on High-Value Tasks – Harness the power of daily habits to filter your to-do lists


  • Dec 28: A Look in the Mirror - 5 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself (with LSW Maggie Young)
  • Jan 6: New Year’s Resolutions That Work (at work and at home) 
  • Jan 12: A Foolproof Strategy to Create a Business Plan  
  • Jan 20: Increase your productivity with these 7 tools  


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